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Event Details - Offer expires May 1, 2019. No cash value. Limited to one package, per person or group. Does not apply to weddings or events; portraits only. Deposit still required on, or before session date. Discount is calculated from the package cost before tax, and is applied to the remaining balance after deposit. Example: If your package is $100 before tax, your deposit is $50. The second and final charge will only be $30 to reflect the 20% discount of $20. Your total cost for the entire package before tax is $80. 


Referral Limitations - The referred person/group must have a session that is confirmed with a deposit taken prior to your final balance due date in order for the discount to be applied. Once final payment is received, a referral discount cannot be applied afterwards to result in a refund.

Cancelations - Once a session has been confirmed between both the client and the photographer, cancellations must be made within 72 hours of the scheduled date. Otherwise, a 50% cancelation fee of the package total is applied, and is non-refundable. This excludes the Exclusive Package, of which a 40% fee will be implemented. If you need to simply reschedule for a later date, there is no additional charge to do so. Written confirmation of date and time in any form, either in document or conversation, is commitment to our services and may be subject to a cancelation fee.


Tax - A tax of 5% is applied to the total charge, in order to cover service fees for payments made through invoices, or made using a debit or credit card. Cash is not accepted as a form of tender outside of tips unless exact change is given.

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